Breeze & Buttons

    Hours after his birth, Breeze was found by a farmer, the new-born foal had been abandoned by his mother so the farmer took him to the Devon-based Mare and Foal Sanctuary where they cared for him.  One of the staff put a four foot giant teddy bear called Buttons into the stall with Breeze.

    The foal instantly came up to him and found a comforting replacement for his mother… the two are inseparable!



    Allergies & Parasites In Pets



    Are on the Rise, Mostly In Dogs

    Known high risk areas that can create allergies and parasites in pets are found in multi pet areas such as dog parks, apartments and golf courses, can create allergies and parasites in our beloved pets.  In summer, allergies and parasites are more prevalent, due to the heat and humidity, parasites lay eggs in the grass areas that can also contain pesticides, so eating grass is a common way for pets to contact allergies and intestinal parasites.

    Allergy Symptoms

    Scratching, itchy, runny eyes, itchy ears and infections, itchy back or base of tail, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, scooting. snoring, paw chewing and swollen paws, constant licking.

    Causes:  chemicals sprayed on grass, pollens, dust and house dust, mold, cigarette smoke, food allergies, dander, rubber, plastic, perfume, feathers, fabrics
    Parasite Symptoms

    ‘Scooting’ can possibly be caused by parasites/ worms.

    A change in the dog’s appetite, losing it’s appetite, or he may show a sudden increase in hunger and might have parasites/ roundworms.

    Dogs that have parasites/ worms will often throw up and the parasites can sometimes show up in a dog’s vomit.

    Some pets don’t show any symptoms and others have diarrhea, lethargy and coughing.


    You may want to consult your veterinarian.

    Interactive Dog Toys, Chase Boredom Away!!


    Have you thought of interactive dog toys as a great way to keep your dog busy for hours?  Kong makes several varieties and sizes that can be filled with food, or treats.  This can be used for dogs that eat too fast and as long as some food falls out, this toy can keep your dog busy for hours.  Some toys have ridges on them to assist in cleaning the teeth and massaging their gums, a great healthy toy!

    Central Phoenix – Newest Dog Park!!

    hance-dog-parkBring your pooches and visit Phoenix’s newest dog park opened October 5:  Hance Park, 323 W. Culver St. Phoenix, 85003  Come join us and make new friends!!

    Dog park features:

    Separately fenced ADA-accessible areas for large and small dogs.  Large dog area is .76 acre and the small dog area is .23 acre.

    Decorative wrought iron fencing.

    Chilled water fountains with integrated drinking bowls at ground level for the pooches.

     Benches and picnic tables

    18 large Pistache and Ash trees to shade you and your furry friends.

    See you there!


    Flaxseed Oil for Dogs and Cats

    winston-healthy-dogVeterinarians are recommending flaxseed oil and its health benefits for cats and dogs, research shows  essential fatty acids (EFA) are very important to the health of our pets.  Flax seed oil can help regulate hormones, the nervous and immune systems, its also important in the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system as well as being good for kidneys and can be used as an anti- inflammatory.  Cats and dogs having dry itchy skin and chewing on themselves may be missing essential fatty acids from their diet, adding just a bit to their food daily can help their coats become healthy and shiny.  For dosage and more information, please contact your veterinarian.

    Cutting Edge Osteoarthritis Treatment for Dogs


    A new osteoarthritis treatment for dogs is using stem cells.  This cutting edge therapy, AdiCell  uses stem cells, and other cells from the dogs own body to heal diseased joints.  AdiCell, is a very safe and minimally invasive treatment, completed in one day with an overnight stay at the veterinarian.   A significant improvement was found in 90% of the dogs in the study, and is proving to be a great alternative to invasive hip replacement surgery.

    Happy Fish Tip!!



    It’s easy to have happy fish,  under stocking your fish tank  gives fish space to swim and encourages their colors and personalities to bloom!!  This also keeps a cleaner and clearer tank requiring less maintenance.

    Cat Training Tip



    For cat training, It’s best to train kittens early in life to use a scratching post instead of your favorite furniture!!  Cat scratching is kitty exercise, it stretches and pulls the muscles in the front part of the body and great for nail health, helping to shed the old outer nail layers.  Scratching is a natural instinct and cats use it to mark their territory by leaving their scent through the glands in their paws.

    Pet Health



    Pet colostrum is all about the pets we love, keeping them healthy with pet colostrum does make all the difference in their lives.  Nature’s finest potent immune builder, pure colostrum, repairs damaged tissue and promotes healing in the intestinal wall creating optimum pet health.  Living Stream Health’s  special for September is pet colostrum for your best friend’s health.  



    Winslow’s Rural Animal Shelter Needs Help!!

    Winslow Rural Animal Shelter, The Animal Care Facility is currently over flowing with DOGS!! We tried our hand at a “free” adoption day, however, we are still full and need  help, if any rescues are able to take in any dogs, we transfer for free! All of them are currently spayed/neutered and are fully vaccinated!! Please feel free to message me directly at or call the shelter at (928) 289-3232

    Action Alert! Act Now to Ensure Mexican Grey Wolf Recovery!

    grand-canyon-wolf-recovery-projectNeed Your Help by September 11, 2013.

    The future of the Mexican Grey Wolf depends on your help and needs comments now.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed changes to the rules governing the Mexican Wolf reintroduction into the wild.  This proposal, with one very good and many very bad changes, is very important to the future of Mexican wolves.  Please visit  Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project to learn how you can help.


    Fawn and Kitten


    Fawn and kitten, as babies in the animal world are innocent and without borders, all creatures are one.  The fawn and kitten who were found and rescued represent how all life can be living together in balance and harmony as one.