Cutting Edge Osteoarthritis Treatment for Dogs


    A new osteoarthritis treatment for dogs is using stem cells.  This cutting edge therapy, AdiCell  uses stem cells, and other cells from the dogs own body to heal diseased joints.  AdiCell, is a very safe and minimally invasive treatment, completed in one day with an overnight stay at the veterinarian.   A significant improvement was found in 90% of the dogs in the study, and is proving to be a great alternative to invasive hip replacement surgery.

    Happy Fish Tip!!



    It’s easy to have happy fish,  under stocking your fish tank  gives fish space to swim and encourages their colors and personalities to bloom!!  This also keeps a cleaner and clearer tank requiring less maintenance.

    Cat Training Tip



    For cat training, It’s best to train kittens early in life to use a scratching post instead of your favorite furniture!!  Cat scratching is kitty exercise, it stretches and pulls the muscles in the front part of the body and great for nail health, helping to shed the old outer nail layers.  Scratching is a natural instinct and cats use it to mark their territory by leaving their scent through the glands in their paws.

    Pet Health



    Pet colostrum is all about the pets we love, keeping them healthy with pet colostrum does make all the difference in their lives.  Nature’s finest potent immune builder, pure colostrum, repairs damaged tissue and promotes healing in the intestinal wall creating optimum pet health.  Living Stream Health’s  special for September is pet colostrum for your best friend’s health.  



    Dog Whisperer Meetup


    Come join us Wednesday September 15 for our monthly dog whisperer online monthly meeting.  We work with behavioral issues with your best canine friend, be it a rescue or otherwise so your best buddy can be your greatest friend and companion.  Please visit:  Dog Whisperer for more information.

    Bark In The Park Event!!

    Bring your best canine friend and meet us at Chase field for the Dbacks and Rockies at 1pm, Sunday September 15, 2013.  Please join us in the fun for the pre-game puppy rally  and parade!

    New Best Friend – Petsmart Adoptions

    Wagging tails, lots of love and wet noses is what Petsmart Charities brings to their National Adoption weekend September 13 – 15 2013 all across the country.  Please check out your local Petsmart store to find your next best friend!

    Guide Dog Month

    September is National Guide Dog Month and is a celebration of the work of Guide Dogs in the United States  raising awareness, appreciation and support for guide dog schools across the United States, and was established as a fundraiser to benefit the non-profit guide dog organizations who are accredited by the International Guide Dog Federation.  This event is an awareness for all of us, each and every day.

    Winslow’s Rural Animal Shelter Needs Help!!

    Winslow Rural Animal Shelter, The Animal Care Facility is currently over flowing with DOGS!! We tried our hand at a “free” adoption day, however, we are still full and need  help, if any rescues are able to take in any dogs, we transfer for free! All of them are currently spayed/neutered and are fully vaccinated!! Please feel free to message me directly at or call the shelter at (928) 289-3232