Are on the Rise, Mostly In Dogs

Known high risk areas that can create allergies and parasites in pets are found in multi pet areas such as dog parks, apartments and golf courses, can create allergies and parasites in our beloved pets.  In summer, allergies and parasites are more prevalent, due to the heat and humidity, parasites lay eggs in the grass areas that can also contain pesticides, so eating grass is a common way for pets to contact allergies and intestinal parasites.

Allergy Symptoms

Scratching, itchy, runny eyes, itchy ears and infections, itchy back or base of tail, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, scooting. snoring, paw chewing and swollen paws, constant licking.

Causes:  chemicals sprayed on grass, pollens, dust and house dust, mold, cigarette smoke, food allergies, dander, rubber, plastic, perfume, feathers, fabrics
Parasite Symptoms

‘Scooting’ can possibly be caused by parasites/ worms.

A change in the dog’s appetite, losing it’s appetite, or he may show a sudden increase in hunger and might have parasites/ roundworms.

Dogs that have parasites/ worms will often throw up and the parasites can sometimes show up in a dog’s vomit.

Some pets don’t show any symptoms and others have diarrhea, lethargy and coughing.


You may want to consult your veterinarian.