barn-owlBirds of prey are lifting off for another season of Raptor Free Flight at the Desert Museum in Tuscon.  “What makes this exhibition so impressive is that the birds fly so precisely and so close that visitors are often brushed by feathers and can feel the rush of air as the birds fly just above their heads,” states Executive Director, Craig Ivanyi.  . Unlike similar avian shows, these demonstrations occur in the open desert showcasing natural activities of native birds as a narrator explains about their attributes, habitats and behaviors.  Two presentations are scheduled daily beginning, Saturday, October 19th and continuing through April 20th, 2014. All the birds in the presentation are native to the Sonoran Desert region. The demonstrations feature the only raptor species in the world to hunt as a family group using strategy, much like the way wolves hunt.  This year, the presentations will feature a family of six Harris’ Hawks  in what promises to be an extraordinary display, not only of their aerial skills but their matriarchal dynamics.   An amazing show and experience, come join us!!  For more information please visit:  Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum